Yoasobi Gurashi!

Streaming on Coolmic July 7, 2024!

Streaming on Coolmic July 7, 2024!


My room...has been turned into a love hotel?!

Meet Kazuto, whose hopes of becoming a photographer didn't pan out, and Yayoi, who successfully achieved her dream of becoming a model.

Two childhood friends who have grown apart... Suddenly find themselves living together!

In the beginning, there's an awkward tension between them, and Yayoi has a secret she can't tell Kazuto...

Then, one night, things start to change...
Could they be more than just childhood friends...?!


  • Kazuto Mano

    Kazuto Mano

    Kofun Penguin

    After moving to Tokyo and failing at his dream of becoming a photographer, Kazuto finds himself working the night shift at a convenience store. He can't help but feel overshadowed by his childhood friend Yayoi, who realized her dream of becoming a successful model. However, after they suddenly move in together, his relationship with Yayoi starts to take an unexpected turn...

    Kazuto Mano Character Artwork
  • Yayoi Muto

    Yayoi Muto

    Ion Momoyama

    A childhood friend of Kazuto's, Yayoi attained her dream of becoming a model and gained popularity with young people for her attractive looks. Yet, behind the scenes, at home, she is quite a lazy person! Yayoi finds herself drawn to Kazuto but struggles to reveal her feelings, leading to restless nights spent grappling with her emotions...

    Yayoi Muto Character Artwork
  • Kaoru Muto

    Kaoru Muto


    Yayoi's older sister. She is free-spirited and loves to drink. Although she might be a bit of a hot mess, she occasionally shows a more mature side, and her sultry, seductiveness makes men fall for her.

    Kaoru Muto Character Artwork


Original Work
Tatsuya Sasaki
Series Composition
Eeyo Kurosaki
Character Design・Chief Animation Director
Masaaki Sakurai
Color Design
Art Setting・Art Director
Director of Photography
Rikiya Hirooku
Koki Shinkai
Director of Sound
Hisayoshi Hirasawa
Sound Production
Studio Mausu
Animation Production
studio HōKIBOSHI


Kazuto Mano
Kofun Penguin
Yayoi Muto
Ion Momoyama
Kaoru Muto
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